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Sesame. File Encryption Tool.

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Hiding your files with elegance.

Sesame is a file encryption program, designed to make file encryption fast and easy, and in such manner, that the fact of hiding or opening the information would not be visible or obvious. Two rules were followed and implemented. First - the encrypted files look as if nothing happened to them, file date and time are left unchanged, file icon is also preserved in most cases. Only from Sesame window user may see a hanging padlock picture on icons of those files that were encrypted. And second is, that if you choose, you may even start the program with a secret keys combination, instead of using a desktop shortcut or start menu item. As with other encryption managers, you may send encrypted files by e-mail, or transfer them by any other means, but only a person who has the Sesame program and knows a password can restore them to initial state.

screenshot Sesame main window

For user convenience a minimal set of traditional for file managers functionality was added, such as Copy/Paste, Create New, Delete, Open operations.

screenshot Sesame screenshot2

Sesame 1.12. New version released.

    What is new in 1.12:
  • Drag-and-Drop target is implemented. You can drag files to application shortcut and encryption or decryption will start immediately. You can drag files from another programs to Sesame, but not vice versa.
  • Hidden start management is simplified and improved. Now all operations managing this mode are self-evident from menu Options. Start the program by typing secret keys combination from anywhere and anytime, combination is not case or layout sensitive.
  • Now you can paste path from another application to Sesame path selection combobox.
  • Adding and removing item in Windows right-click context menu is implemented. It can be helpful for immediate invocation of Sesame for selected file or folder from Windows Explorer or My Computer windows.

Sesame 1.1. New version released.

    What is new in 1.1:
  • A logic of protection was added from accidentally leaving unlocked files which are expected to be locked. If user tries to exit program and some files, which were encrypted before program start are left not encrypted, a warning is issued, giving user an options either to correct the situation, or to continue with exit.
  • Two dedicated buttons added to main panel for fast going to "My Documents" and "My Pictures" folders.
  • Selecting encrypted and unencrypted files is improved, visibility of selected items is ensured.

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